Wake up, but don’t forget to open your eyes

Today, I woke up.

Oh, three claps for the lady.

I know, I know. It’s not an impressive feat. But when I woke up today, with heaps of summer-school homework strewn about my room, I realized that I only wanted one thing: to build a fort.

Luckily, I have supportive people in my life who are used to my odd notions and whims. As we tried to gather enough blankets from our rooms and stack random pieces of furniture together, it seemed more challenging than I remembered. Searching for suitable tape in our cramped college apartment became a frustration.

And it made me think:

When did people lose their playfulness? Why did taping up blankets seem so much harder than before? Sure, we needed more surface area and volume to account for adult bodies and our moms weren’t there to step in when we got tired. But was there more to it?

As we trucked along, I forgot to wonder about it all. I got lost in the puzzle of making tables and towels and the people important to me work together. When we crouched underneath it and watched a (gasp!) PG-13 movie, I realized that maybe there were some perks to independence as a twenty-year-old. Sure, my mom couldn’t fix the hard stuff for me. But she also couldn’t make me it tear it down so my dad could use the living room. That rickety mess stayed up all day. And I loved it.

Additional adult perk: an iPhone to capture the memory.

blog fort photo

So maybe it’s all right that children turn into adults and have to focus on grown-up problems. Just so long as, once in a while, we wake up with a sense of wonder. Wonder that has the potential to create inspiration, to remind us what it was about the world that made us fall in love with it the first time and every time after that.

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