The Reality Paradox

Real or fake?


I’m not talking about the flower.

In life, it can prove difficult to tell what’s real and what’s developed into a fantasy. Especially when one has a crazy imagination. Thinking back over the past couple years, I’m realizing how I let the picture in my head affect my decisions. I like to pretend everything is a movie or a story, leading me to be more dramatic and oblivious to the very real things happening around me.

I always thought it was a charming trait—certainly not a problem—to be off in my own world all of the time. But when you lose sight of what’s really important, it can turn tragic quickly. I’m making it a goal to be more attuned to the people around me because they are so valuable. And though they might make good inspiration for characters and make me smile, they’re so more much than that. The people you choose in life will help you grow into your best self. Because when you find the people who’re worth facing reality for, they want the best for you.

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