In the Zone

Just an excitement post about writing The White Cottage Illusion:


Let’s  Taco‘bout them.



*Gets in car, orders three Crunchwrap Supremes, pulls out laptop in Taco bell to finish blog post*

Oh, man. I know some people get a nice little jolt from working out or running away from ax murderers, but you have GOT to try out these post-writing ones.

I feel like I’m typing under the influence. SOMEONE TAKE MY LAPTOP AWAY!!!! I am buzzing off creativity and my keyboard can’t handle how hard I’m pounding these keys right now. Which reminds me of Flo Rida and the club that can’t handle him. What a creative name he has.


This is how I feel.

You feel me?

Ugh, ick. I don’t use that phrase–er, well I just did but I don’t normally. What I’m saying folks, is that to finally reach a place where it all fits together… there’s nothing like it. I’ve been struggling with this new story for a while, and I’m at the point where I believe in it. Whole-heartedly.


It’s an all-natural drug.

(Disclaimer: I don’t do drugs.)

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