My to-do list:

  • Workout
  • Query agents
  • Schedule meeting with financial advisor
  • Decide, once and for all, if I’ll go abroad for a semester
  • Edit and format remaining chapters of The White Cottage Illusion
  • Sell old textbooks

Thank you, Lindsey, for being a classic over-sharer. What about this list? Yes, it is my personal list and more than anyone cared to know. But what else? It’s a lot to get done in one day, let alone one week. Sure, I could squeak in a jog, but what about the rest of my goals? It’s awesome to have them. Actually, it’s pretty necessary if you are like me and tend to get sidetracked despite good intentions. (Also, if you’re unfortunate enough to be like me, you get down on yourself when the things you aimed to do don’t get accomplished.) Today, I’m proposing to myself that I spread out my to-dos. Definitely keep them at the forefront of my mind so I can figure them out, but not obsess over the timeliness factor.

When I live life by a list there’s not time for impromptu river-tubing trips with my best friend or going out to dinner with my special someone.

Is anyone else guilty of living by too much of a regimen? Being afraid that if their plan falls apart, things won’t work out in the end?

It will.

As my mom–and probably a lot of other people–always says: “What’s meant to be will work out in the end.”

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