Choose carefully what you carry

Keep your friends close, and your purses closer:

Purses. Half of the population (eh-hum, women) take them everywhere. The other half are baffled by them. An endless supply of napkins and mirrors and hidden zippers.

Perhaps it’s just me and my nosy self, but occasionally I see a woman with a huge bag slung across her shoulder and think: what do you have in there that’s so important it’s worth giving you a sore shoulder? A brick of gold? A hospital bed and IV set in case of an emergency? Okay, most likely they’re just moms with lots of children, or businesswomen hiding secretive account information—are there fancy vaults for that somewhere? (Mental note: learn more about secretive business vaults before finishing up my business degree. Don’t want to get sideswiped out there in the real world.)

But don’t get me started on the other extreme: the mini purse that can’t accommodate for the latest iPhone size. If the owner still has to lug their phone around in their hand, why not just carry your lipstick too, instead of giving it a nice leather home to decay in or to destroy? My friend’s red lipstick exploded in her purse recently and let me just say, lipstick is not deserving enough of its own home, not when it melts or comes undone. And we all come undone once in a while, don’t we?


In summary, dogs and snakes and parrots in purses? Sure. Lipstick? Uncertain.

To play it safe, do not treat your lipstick like the latest member of your family. Keep that thing far away. And throw out your tiny, nonsensical purse.

Where’s she going with this? I have better things to do with my day than be insulted about my purse choices. Wonders the women I’ve personally victimized with this blog post.

I’m not really going anywhere with it. No final destination planned.

However, I took a peek in my medium-sized purse. It’s the color of the sky on a rainy day. Luckily when it’s on my arm it doesn’t feel like a rainy day; it fits all my important stuff: wallets, keys, Kleenex for those unexpected emotional moments. In the side pocket (the one most easily accessible), I found a highlighter, spare contacts, and an airport cookie. Apparently, these are the things I want to be able to reach in an emergency.

It makes sense. I always carry a highlighter because I like to highlight the books I read and I’m never without a book; my sensitive eyes require backups in case I need to toss a pair out; I flew Delta a few weeks ago and I live for those addictive Scooby Snacks.

Take a look in your purse—or men, your garages/cars—and see what you keep close to you. We often don’t even recognize the things we prioritize, but let’s make sure we chose well.

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