3 Steps to Simplicity

Got a deadline approaching? A scary family reunion? Just stressed in general? Don’t let it take over your mind. Instead, let me give some of my fail-proof tips to unwinding before your sanity snaps.


1. Stretch

Your mind, your body, your spirit. Don’t fall into the trap of going through days like a zombie. Take a minute to take a deep breath, use your muscles, and notice yourself. The fingers you use to type emails on the commute to work? They can fix food, open doors, lend a hand to others.

Don’t take things at the word of other people, stretch your mind as well. Allow yourself to research, dig deeper. Find your stance to find yourself–politically, emotionally, physically. Give yourself the chance to discover who you’re meant to be. That way, you’ll always be grounded and know you have someone on your side: you!


2. Silence

Extrovert? Take a risk and find a place void of people. Shut off your phone. Think.

Introvert? Same thing, but don’t hide for too long 😉


3. Security

As people, we need to feel safe. What better way to achieve that than by granting ourselves security! You’re the only one that can be sure of you. Stretch and seek silence, security will follow. Once you’ve centered and aligned yourself once again, nothing in life will seem challenging. Twenty minute presentation to the CEO? Who cares, show him/her what you know.


Rinse and repeat, as desired.

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