Girl’s and Guy’s Guide to Throwing a (College) Christmas Party

Do you want to have the best party of the year? Do you want all your friends, and distant friends to show up? What about making new friends?

Of course you do.

So, how do you achieve it? Follow my proven steps and your guests will be harassing you for more parties in a non-threatening/flattering way. In seconds, you’ll wonder how you came from a party-goer to a party-maker.


Everyone wants to look cool, that’s no secret. Unfortunately for me, I’ll always be a nerdy loser. Fortunately for me, and all of you, no one has to know anything about you other than that you know how to throwing a rocking Christmas party. So choose a theme wisely! Dress up parties are a great idea, just make sure the recommended costumes are weather appropriate.


  • Gingerbread: have people bring cookies or dress themselves up as edible treats
  • Grinchmas: green and grouchy everywhere
  • Ugly sweater: the over-used but timeless crowd pleaser


Facebook Event

Great. Now that you know the theme, make invitations!

  • Include pictures and memes because everyone loves those
  • Make a description of the party–humor is always good here
  • Depending what size party you’re aiming for, choose carefully or loosely who you will invite into your home
    • The people make a party AKA don’t invite someone you don’t like just to impress them with how cool you’ve gotten



  • Fit the theme and put them everywhere
  • Hide your important stuff
  • If it’s a business party, make sure to have classy glasses and perhaps a wreath on the door to welcome people
  • A TREE

Ryan Gosling supporting my apartment through finals

Clean (but not too much)

  • Once it’s the day of the party, you’re going to want your place to look nice
  • Realistically, no one will notice if there’s a few crumbs on the counter, so don’t break your back unless there’s a pile of grease from last week
    • If that’s the case, you’re nasty and need to be careful of grease fires! Safety is always first


Make fun drinks 

  • Alcoholic options for those over 21:
  • Non-alcoholic options for youngsters and people who just want to take it easy:

Last but not least, decide on a playlist!

Christmas songs or rap or blues, you choose whatever you want. The beauty of throwing your own party is that it’s all about how you want it to go!

Take my advice and you’ll have people begging for more parties. New Years Eve, you got that one?


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