72 hours in Venice 

Of all the beautiful pictures I took in Venice, this one isn’t the obvious choice. It’s dark, deserted, dismal. But the tranquil experience it provided me is reason enough for me to want to share it with you. Through many struggles (getting lost for hours in the middle of the night/thinking we’d have to sleep outside, plane delays, missed trains and busses) three of my favorite people made it. This weekend was many things: relaxing, picturesque, and just right. It’s surreal to me that I can meet my closest friends in a place with rivers for streets.

On the night I took the above picture, my friends and I tried to find a bar to go to, but the nightlife in Venice wasn’t as exciting as we hoped. Then we found out our friend’s flight got moved to another day. We were tired and lost. The air nipped at our fingertips. Yet the deserted streets reminded me that we had each other. No matter where or when or how we made it work, we always would.

In all, I give Venice 10/10 on views. 0/10 on transportation. 10/10 as the perfect weekend getaway.

(Okay fine, here’s a picture of Venice more in its prime. Think of sea foam green lakes, carnival prep, narrow streets and adorable cafes.)

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