Stages of Traveling Alone:

1. Not thinking about it 
Plane? Booked. Ticket? Booked. Googling pretty pictures of your destination and getting hyped up? Done and done.

2. Oh crap

Here’s where it gets tough: your trip is no longer a far-off fantasy. It’s real and it’s coming quick. Whether this hits as you pack like a panic-ridden person hours before or as you’re sipping tea before bed a week before, it’ll hit.

Traveling alone means figuring out public transportation on your own. It means that if you get lost in Germany, you have to figure your shit out so you don’t miss your plane to Scotland.

Traveling alone also means that if you get put in a hostel with 10 Irish crack-addicts who stay up all night, there’s no one to vent to. After all, this is what you signed up for.

3. Independence and freedom

Beyond the panic, once you make it and get settled in, you can sit outside and feel the wind through your hair. Or inside. Or wherever you dang well please. This is your trip. NO ONE can tell you how to spend it. Journaling outside in the greenest park you’ve ever seen can’t bore anyone. You can sleep in or get up at 5AM. You can mix ketchup with mayo and not have anyone make weird faces at you.

4. Awe

5. Inspiration

Perk of being alone: you can stop whenever you want and whip out a notebook. Inspiration strikes at the oddest times, but when you’re surrounded by amazing architecture, castles, and parks, it hits more than normal. Expect your senses to be overloaded with excitement. Expect that heated bubble of happiness, the one that arrives in only the most special situations, to arrive. 

Let it take you away. 

6. Confidence

If you feel awkward eating alone or touring castles alone, you’ll already be stretching yourself. Traveling alone requires a lot of confidence. It’ll build on what’s already there. 

YOU tackled this on your own. YOU figured out the Scottish train. YOU planned an itinerary and stuck with it. YOU can do anything.

7. Withdrawal

Eventually you’ll have to leave the place that helped you grow. You can only hope you get to keep what you learned for the rest of your life.

One thought on “Stages of Traveling Alone:

  1. Lindsey, I get excited reading your entry, but scared and nervous for you at the same time. You will certainly be a better person when you return. I cant’t help but think of the song, “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!” Have fun, be safe!

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