Travel Tips for Every Trip 

Spring break season and summer are quickly approaching. That means vacations galore! Follow my odd-but-handy travel list to make sure you don’t forget to do/pack the essentials. 

1. Meds and, depending on the country, the written prescription that clearly states they’re yours. 

2. The correct converters so you don’t get caught empty handed with a cell-phone charger that can’t charge.  

3. Specialty items like retainers that you cannot get anywhere else 

4. If you’re leaving in the morning, pack everything as you’re using it. Toothbrush, eyeliner, deodorant, contact solution… 

5. Check in for your flights!!! If you’re flying budget, check requirements as well. Hidden fees are everywhere and baggage allowances vary per carrier. 

6. Boarding passes: print! RyanAir costs 50 euros just to do it at the airport. They have a phone app, but not digital boarding passes… I know, it confuses me too. Just do it beforehand. 

7. PACK AN ID. Passport, school card, license, whatever you have. Keep it on you. 

8. While you’re carrying your important documents, be watchful. In the most innocent areas, disaster can strike. Keep your bag close, zipped, and in front of you. 

Bonus tip: set alarms for your flights/taxis/trains! 

All that being said, follow my list so that you can pack right while looking and feeling as relaxed as these parks in the U.K. 

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