Places to see in Florence

In honor of Florence Fiction Friday coming up, I thought it’d be appropriate to list some of the best places to visit if you find yourself abroad.

Piazza Della Rebbuplica

Esp. at night people, seriously. This place always has performers, musicians, singers, magicians, painters… you name it, someone does it. And the carousal plopped in the middle is straight from a dream. It’s incredible. Right next to it is a bookstore called Red that sells primarily Italian books but is a very authentic place if you want to soak in the atmosphere.

La Milkeria 

The most amazing crepes, cheap coffee, and gelato that anyone could ask for – locals and foreigners alike. The free wifi is just an added bonus.. you’ll be so focused on the food you won’t even think about Instagramming it.

Le Campagne 

Any tourist will go to Gusta Pizza. It’s one of the best-known places in Florence. But try out this hidden gem instead. Hands down my favorite pizza in all of Italy.. and in all of the world.

La Gelateria Trinita

It was a blessing and a curse to have this on my walk to school. But hey, YOLIIO (You Only Live In Italy Once).

Pino’s Sandwiches

Delicious, low-key place with incredibly friendly workers – something you can’t take for granted in Italy. (Also, at some point go to a restaurant and try pesto gnocchi. Anywhere. Really. Just order it.)

Baboli Gardens

Finding alone time and nature in Florence proved to be my greatest challenge. For the price of 3 euros, you can explore the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Boboli Garden

This prized piece was right down the street from my apartment. Priceless artwork from the Medici family era is located here. Many many scultpures and paintings and much less of a line. I recommend this over Uffizi Gallery if on a time crunch.

Pro tip: don’t only do the most well known things just because you feel like you should do them. It’s a waste of time. Find things from my list and online that really interest you. Do the research, you will be rewarded. 

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