Places to see in Florence

In honor of Florence Fiction Friday coming up, I thought it'd be appropriate to list some of the best places to visit if you find yourself abroad. Piazza Della Rebbuplica Esp. at night people, seriously. This place always has performers, musicians, singers, magicians, painters... you name it, someone does it. And the carousal plopped in…Read more Places to see in Florence

Four Final Questions for Florence  

1. How are your people so thin? You don't have gyms, locals don't go on runs, and your citizens drink at every meal... plus breakfast is dessert and everyone eats late. 2. Do you have accountants? I don't understand how businesses are run here at all, they look like Mom and Pop shops with seemingly…Read more Four Final Questions for Florence  


The water bleeds into the sky; it’s impossible to tell the difference. Out the window, all I see is a piercingly incredible blue. The streets wind wilder than anything I’ve ever seen. It’s like God randomly decorated the ground with rocky roads and then decided a town should accompany them. In five minutes, I’m entranced.…Read more Sicily 

Perceptions Abroad

I've been thinking a lot about the abroad experience lately, and learning about the Development of Intercultural Sensitivity has really impacted the way I view my situation. It is comforting to have a chart to make sense of my feelings and insure me I'm not the only one who has been there before. By analyzing Daisy…Read more Perceptions Abroad