“It’s magical to do something when you think no one is going to care.”

Lemony Snicket just happens to be one of the best. His quote reminded me of something I've been telling myself for a long while, which is to stop focusing on perfection and just focus on telling the story that I want to be told, to not worry about how it will be received or if anyone will pick it up for publication. 

Pay attention to the movement of your story

I've been contemplating pace in my stories. How the language of my work aids the flow. Words create momentum and momentum propels the story through time. How does your work get from the beginning to the end?   Consider this passage I wrote: My toes sink into lush red carpet. A boxy old TV sits…Read more Pay attention to the movement of your story

The Writing Life

Insightful and just what I needed to hear! I hope someone else finds encouragement and the strength to keep writing in these words.

Libby Sommer, Author

pen and cup of coffee on cafe table

It’s a tough gig being a writer. Lots of isolation, lots of intense concentration, lots of rejection from publishers and agents. Sitting in a cafe with coffee and fountain pen is one of the good bits.

Why do I write? It’s a good question to ask yourself.

  1.  Because I’m a fool.
  2.  Because I want to impress my old school friends.
  3.  So people will like me.
  4.  So my friends will hate me.
  5.  I’m no good at speaking up.
  6.  So I can invent a new way of looking at the world.
  7.  In order to write the great Australian novel and become famous.
  8.  Because I’m a nut case.
  9.  Because I’m an undiscovered literary genius.
  10.  Because I have something to tell.
  11.  Because I have nothing to tell.

Hemingway has said, ‘Not the why, but the what.’ It’s enough to know you want to write. Write.

One of my favourite books on the writing process…

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How to Overcome FOMO as an Independent Author

A great article and reminder for independent publishers.

A Writer's Path

by Kate Colby

How Indie Authors Get FOMO

If you choose the path of independent publishing, you’ll quickly learn that you have a lot of responsibilities. You’ll need to write your book, manage the editing, cover design, and formatting, and handle the publishing and marketing. While you can (and should!) hire professional help, in the end, you’re the one who makes the big decisions. This pressure alone can make you feel like you have to be a super human to make it as an author.

The good news? There are thousands of books, podcasts, blogs, and other resources ready to help you in your journey. The bad news? Each one exalts a different method of writing, publishing, and/or marketing – and new tactics emerge almost daily.

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