WAM (Weisman Art Museum)

Art: some people get it, some people don’t.

I like to think that I do, but really I’m clueless.

However, I went to the art museum today and had my eyes opened up by so many creative pieces of work. I didn’t photograph them for obvious reasons, but the impact was incredible.

So many minds creating  such impactful pieces. A book in the exhibit, The Heart and the Bottle, by Oliver Jeffers, excellently depicted how our heart shifts as we grow older, and how to keep a grasp on who we are. It’s a picture book with illustrations that’re as impressive as it’s story.


P.S. A busy writer with a full time job once gave me a piece of advice. She told me that in order to keep up with inspiration while maintaining a stable job, she writes emails to herself at work. That way, when she gets home, she can expand on the idea before she forgets it.

I wrote this in an email during my Business Communications class because I knew it was something I wanted to share with all of you.

Find something that makes you think today.

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