Girl at War Series

When the Sun Goes Down:

The world has been taken out by an unspeakable incident, except for two small districts nestled inside a canyon that live exclusively from the rest of the world. One might consider them blessed for surviving, but the people of the Poor District are thankful for nothing. Instead, they seek solitude and act cruelly to one another. It seems that Allison Frey and her best friend, Maverick, are the only two who are able to see the good left in the world. Yet, Ally is the only person who is remotely interested in their past. She wants nothing more than the opportunity to learn and to change her district’s situation.
As an eerie answer to her deepest wish, a powerful man from the Rich District sets his sights on her while traveling through town, and he collects her to live with him in his mansion. Of course, Ally cannot turn down such an amazing shot at what she’s always wanted; especially considering the man is mysteriously handsome.
Leaving behind everyone she loves, she enters into a new life that is better than her old one in extremely unfair ways. The rich people don’t have to fend off beast attacks and live as if they know nothing of the Poor Districts struggles. As Ally adjusts to this district and a man who isn’t at all whom she’d thought, she finds that the knowledge she acquires is the real danger. Find it at:

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The Promise of Stars:

At last, it seems that Ally is free from the controlling relationship of her past. She’s in the Rebirth with major plans for her own rediscovery. The creepy man who rescued her from her old life makes her his queen and informs Ally that her life is important, that she alone can change the fate of his people. Because, you see, Yohann’s people live trapped in a high-tech bubble with no means of escape. They live glamorous lives but want change. Change that only Ally can bring.
Ally can’t believe her stroke of luck. She’s come into real power and has a purpose in life. Maverick comes to live alongside her in the palace, where they finally get the chance to be together. Ally has more than she could ever have dreamed and it seems like nothing can go wrong. Until Yohann asks her to do one thing for him…
With the threat of beasts still out there, Ally comes across new information that will forever change the way she views her own people and the beasts she believed to be monsters. And when worst comes to worst, unexpected alliances will form.
When will true peace come?
Will Ally ever be free?

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