A letter to my parents

Some things I remember about growing up:

  • Never questioning whether I’m good enough
  • Letting me have the biggest bowl of pudding, or taking the butt of bread because you knew I hated it
  • Reading my favorite books before bed
  • “Go Fish” and Butterfly Kisses
  • Rotating my tires on college breaks
  • Spoiling me with back rubs and encouragement to get through the years
  • It’s late and my brain is in overdrive and I can’t even think of all the small and large things you two have done for me over the years but this is about .000876% of what I want to say

Mom: you worked nights when I was a kid so that you could spend your days with us. As a kid, I took this for granted. I didn’t realize the strain that must’ve had, or how tired you must’ve been. All I knew was that you made me lunch and played in the snow with me. All I knew was that you’d make funfetti cake and take the first piece out because you knew it’d get messed up and wanted to save the best ones for me and my brother. You always wanted the best for us. You still do.

Dad: you’re the hardest worker and I always know you love me by your actions. (People always say that actions speak louder than words.) In this case, long ice cream drives speak volumes. And speaking of volumes, you got me hooked on reading at a young age. This is the most precious gift you can give: time, attention, and the passion to read. I’ll always remember that you supported my goals as much as, if not more then, me. From free-throw contests to piano to tennis. As two people with the same personality, I feel understood and respected and important to you.

Thank you.

P.S. See you either this weekend or for GRADUATION.


Your daughter

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