Florence Fiction Friday (10)

Alissa and I went for a run the next morning. The constant carbs were detrimental to the jeans we packed, and we decided to finally do something about it. Alissa was a good companion: friendly enough and not too nosy. When we stopped my the Duomo for tea at the American coffee shop, I was…Read more Florence Fiction Friday (10)

Florence Fiction Friday (9)

From making new friends in classes to Fred, I finally felt like myself. Greg even commented one week that I had a certain glow about me. “I just showered,” I answered. “Nah, that’s not it.” Matt came in from a run. His athletic body didn’t interest me at all anymore. “What’s up,” he said rather…Read more Florence Fiction Friday (9)

Florence Fiction Friday (8)

After noticing the man in the Loggia, I decided that toughening up was my only option. If I was going to make it here, I couldn’t look like the type of person one took advantage of. I could remain myself while making some improvements. People littered the streets. Whereas I once would’ve grinned and stepped…Read more Florence Fiction Friday (8)

Florence Fiction (7)

“Do you like your donut?” The baker’s eyes pierced me, and I didn’t know if he meant anything sinister by his question. Then he smiled, but not the normal smile: this one only used half of his face and didn’t come close to reaching his eyes. Since I said nothing, he raised his hands over…Read more Florence Fiction (7)

Florence Fiction Friday (6)

"We witnessed a murder,” Alissa whispered. We’d returned from Prague a few hours ago, and my iPhone said it was past 3 AM. “We think we did,” I reminded her. “Do you think the guys are asleep?” “Matt is,” I said. Silence. Sheets rustling. Her restlessness made me restless. She clearly needed comfort, but how…Read more Florence Fiction Friday (6)

Special Edition: Prague Pub (Florence Fiction, 5)

Thankfully, our flight to the Czech Republic left at six in the morning, and the bakery across the street wouldn’t be open until at least seven. I’d successfully dodged the baker for three days in a row since the incident. I knew next to nothing about Prague, but the escape from Florence was greatly needed.…Read more Special Edition: Prague Pub (Florence Fiction, 5)