It started with monkey stick-figure drawings and re-writing previously published books (hello, copyright laws, I see you now). My passion for reading and creative writing has always been there. Presently, as a young writer, I’ve self-published two books: When the Sun Goes Down and The Promise of Stars.

Being self-published taught me a lot, mainly these 3 cliche things:

  1. No goal is out of reach, no matter your age
  2. Rely on yourself… you’re your best advocate
  3. The world is your literal oyster (minus the oyster, actually, so maybe not literal?)

My promise to you today is this: I will bring to the table a mix of entertainment, inspiration, and honesty. Sound tasty? Good. Because this analogy is the best thing I can cook. (Thanks, creative writing degree.)

After an extensive and expensive college experience, I landed a sweet full-time gig creating content among brilliant minds from Minnesota and California. I rented my first solo apartment and adopted a cat… because a hamster just wasn’t enough.

Navigating life as a new grad, like every experience on the planet, isn’t a cake walk (mostly because no one walks on a cake). And being being a writer, especially a young writer, isn’t without it’s challenges.

I battle my anxiety and need for perfection every day. I pile on too much and get bummed when there’s not enough time in the day, but guess what?

When the Sun Goes Down, there’s the promise of another day. See what I did there? 😉

If you need me, I’ll be imperfectly navigating life and using my creative writing the best (and only) way I know how: To give an honest account of helpful and, hopefully, entertaining information that makes you feel a little less alone and a little more joyful.

I’d love to have you on this adventure with me.


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