For my Father

It’s a small memory, dad

Of just me and you

It’s a small memory, dad

But this is for you

The kitchen calendar from my school project

It kept flipping, why wouldn’t someone tell it to stop?

Mom always recognized that time is precious

Precious like the “One to Rule Them All” in Lord of the Rings

You taught me more than my k-12 years

About dedication and hard work

At that age, I often wanted to sit down and quit

But you helped me stick with my free throws, and so much more

To recognize opportunities and approach challenges

That day, shooting hoops at the church gym, I didn’t think about challenges

I didn’t think about time


Thank you for pushing me

Like a swing, not too hard but just enough to get me moving

If not for you, I still wouldn’t know how to ride a bike

Or made it around to playing the high school sport I loved

Thank you for washing my car

That thing sure gets mucked up fast

And isn’t that funny?

Just like my Honda Civic, life gets mucky

Nothing white stays white

And that’s okay

No calendar, not even the homemade kind, stops flipping

And that’s okay too

As long as I have my dad to help me fix it



I’m sure you’ll stumble across this blog because you always support me. Adolescence tends to blind people to what’s really going on around them, but when I think back to things that seemed so simple: you taking me out to practice my tennis serve even though it had to be really boring to return balls for hours, bringing me to the church gym to help me practice for my free-throw contest, giving me the inspiration to go out and self-publish my own books… You’re the best. The world might be a challenging and uncertain place, but you’ve always been by my side to tackle things with me and pave the way when they’re unclear.

Happy birthday and I love you,


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