Six Simple Things Before Senior Year Starts

Today marks my first last day of school. I’ll admit I feel older and not all the wiser. Nerves eat me alive because what happens after this?

So, I’m going to slow down. Instead of focusing on what happens after, let’s talk about what to do before senior year to prepare for your last year of complete freedom in a college town where you can have the wonkiest hours and meet the most incredible people you’ll ever know.

  1. ACTIVATE YOUR HBO – did you know you get it free through XFINITY? ‘Cause ya can. Just use your school email to create an account and don’t waste three years of it like I did.
  2. If you moved, get settled in – having new surroundings is exciting but find a place for your belongings. A cleaner room is a cleaner mind and a cleaner mind can focus more on the positives.
  3. Make a date with your friends – if you drifted over the summer or were too busy working, make an effort to do something fun and new with them. Think weekend trips or wine nights. Which brings me too…
  4. Don’t make the bar your only friend – yes, you and all your friends are 21 now. And yes, that means lots of fun times. But going out on weeknights can really damper your mental and physical health. Why not watch Game of Thrones with your new HBO account instead?
  5. Freshen up your resume from your summer job – you need to be ready when those recruiters come calling! (Note: even if you have a full-time job lined up, why not keep it current? Senior year could be a great time to try a club you’d been wanting to do that didn’t make sense to spend time on previously)
  6. Savor every moment – it will be hard and stressful, but you will never get a chance to be this young again.


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