I’m on my way to Managerial Accounting but I’m tired of school getting in the way of things so I’m going to scribble this while I think of it.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about advice that people give. Specifically, “step out of your comfort zone” or “growth happens when you’re uncomfortable.” Um, can people just F off with this for a second?

Sure, there’s a small realm of validity. If you never left your comfortable bed, nothing would ever happen to you except peeing your sheets and starving of hunger. But realistically, I think this saying creates a misconception that we always have to do more, be more, try more. If we’re unhappy or things aren’t going our way, it’s because we aren’t doing enough, it’s our fault.

So, like I said, F that mentality.

Stay with me here.

We don’t have to take some momentous crazy changes to our lives in order to develop as people. We don’t have to move to a new country to have an epiphany or get a divorce in order to become a new person. It can be really small things, like studying with a friend.

Additionally, I’d like to note that if you’re constantly trying new things to be adventurous or do what someone – society, college, friends –  expects of you, but you’re not happy, STOP RIGHT NOW. I read somewhere that nothing is worth losing your inner peace.

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