As a millennial myself, I feel quite lost in the nonstop pace of this world and the expectations coming from all sides. Are we part of the generation to make the world a better place or to destroy it with technology and overall liberal-ness? Well, I suppose that depends who you ask. (Disclaimer: this is not a political blog.)

If you ask me what I think about our generation, I’ll be honest: I have no fricken clue.

Everything is at our fingertips and most of us know how to use this to our advantage, but what disadvantage does this bring?

There’s so much to juggle with the increase of social media – (ya, ya ya, sure, people don’t have to get phones and they don’t have to fall into the Instagram craze, but don’t try to tell a young woman to give up her iPhone apps because she’d be giving up a lot of contact with other people) – I guess that’s a big disadvantage: now we have all these ways of connecting that there’s so much more to handle than when people would maybe see each other once a year in person. It’s a beautiful, horrible thing.

This blog post is starting to sound how I feel: disconnected. With all that’s available to us in this connected age, it is shockingly easy to feel disconnected. And what happens then, when you can reach everyone with the tap of a finger but find yourself alone, shivering in isolation and sadness? You wonder how it got this way.

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