“Why is snow so hard to capture in a picture? I should google it.”

“NO! I should study.”

“But I’ll be wondering about this the whole time and won’t be able to focus on anything until I know. Maybe I should buy a real camera instead of using my iPhone. How much would that cost?” *googles camera, googles iPhoneX, thinks about why the Xbox One X is named the way it is, thinks about how my brother bought me an Xbox…* “I love my family. I should call my parents and brother and grandma and cousins and track down that one family member who fell off the family tree awhile ago.” *pays for subscription to family tracking services* “Maybe I should just hire a private investigator. Oh! Maybe they could track my stolen wallet and phones too. Nah, my phones are probably being taken apart and sold.” *thinks about theft, thinks about child labor in foreign countries, thinks about how unfair the world is and how we all die no matter what our grades are or how much effort we put in* 

Does this sound like the conversation anyone else has with themselves during stressful periods? It makes me wanna stay in bed and avoid all of my responsibilities. What is it about having so much to do that makes a person unable move or start any of it?

I tried something today in the midst of an almost-meltdown: getting out of bed and going outside.

Revolutionary. I know.

It’s snowing today and I focused on watching a couple thick snowflakes on their journey to the ground where they inevitably got destroyed… it’s sad that they can’t help but fall to their death. Anyway, finding a medial thing to watch brought an odd relaxation.

(Something else I do regularly is listen to a couple hardcore songs like “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold to get some anger out and then get back to it… but that might not be your thing.)

Hate the class? Trust me, it’s possible to fail and you’ll hate the class even more the second time. If you’re a chemist, you don’t wanna take English classes twice. If you’re a marketing student, you probably don’t wanna take managerial and financial accounting more than you have to… if you do, there’s something wrong with you or you’re in the wrong major.

Don’t focus on perfectly acing these damn tests, focus on passing them so you can spend your life doing things that actually excite you!!!

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