It was hard to ignore the beauty and nostalgia walking around campus the last days of my last semester. The sun made an appearance; the snow melted after our April blizzard; The lawns were full of frisbee and football and friends. There was a sale at our bookstore but I didn’t need any of that gear anymore. Then I realized: The next time I would walk through this campus lawn, I would be a visitor. College would just be a memory… It already felt like one.

But then I went to graduation and was painfully bored and gooooodbye nostalgia. Oh and bye bye to you too, Carlson School of Management. 

It was kind of like a wedding. Yay! Ceremony. Here are all my old professors and freshman-year friends drinking at our bar. And oh! Typical Lindsey moment: Lose tassel the moment I leave my house… retrace steps and contemplate where to buy a tassel on graduation day… find tassel only to drop it in the portapotty urinal. Laugh because it’s funny and it’s college and college is an excuse for all mistakes.

But then the pee tassel switched to the left side, the ficticious curtain closed and I got sent back to my life and what’s that look like now?

I always have a plan, but I don’t know where I’m going to live, who I’ll see again, or who/if I’ll date.

All I do know is that I spent 4 years of my life at this college. It’s easy to ignore the time ticking, but I’m sitting back outside on the campus lawn today. For once, I’m not listening to music. Instead, I’m taking it all in. And I like it.

Thanks, University of Minnesota.

Special shout-outs: 

star wars tie

My dad for being awesome and also having this awesome Star Wars tie

graduation family picture

My super supportive family


My first college friend #June2014


My tassel for never being too far gone

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