For most of college I had no idea how to find a life that I’d love. Even now that I’m taking steps toward a future–getting an apartment and working full-time–I still have no idea. And I’m really tired of seeing quick plans to find happiness or success or whatever you want to call it. I think it’s time to accept that we don’t have to know.

I’ll be blunt: I got lucky by falling into a job I didn’t even know about last year. These things happen, they work out. Sometimes happiness finds you… But saying I had no idea what I wanted from life and accidentally finding hope is annoying. So hang with me.

Here are some–of many–things you don’t have to know:

  • What you want to do with your life
  • What to eat for lunch
  • How to cook lunch
  • How to be as good as someone else–DROP THAT THINKING. DO IT RIGHT NOW. (I’ll do it if you will)
  • What you want to write about
  • Where your writing is going
  • How to get noticed and published and achieve the life of your dreams
  • What your dreams are
  • Anything

I’ve wasted so much time obsessing over who I am and what my actions mean and reading into everything, calling it logic or emotion or whatever seems the least bull-shitty at the time. In my life right now, though, it’s most important just to be. To be appreciative of the chances I’ve had, of my amazing job, of the people in my life that accept my imperfect self.

You may even find there’s a power saying “I don’t know.”

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