Last month I turned a new leaf. I mean, a new year. I turned older. I am old now. And that means I actually pay attention to and appreciate the things around me. You know, unlike when I was in college and had no comprehension of people outside of my friend group and my personal problems.

Lately, I’ve been waking up in awe (and honestly sometimes crabby because mornings are THE WORST). I mean, this is in the midst of my two best work buddies/mentors leaving the company I work for, student loans kicking in, cat behavioral problems, and my car having transmission problems.

Then I realized:

  • My cat attacks me, but he also runs to the door when I get home, cuddles me while I read, and brings my apartment to life.
  • My lovely work friends left, but how lucky am I to have two amazing women to look up to? To have been able to work with them in the first place?
  • I don’t have the luxury of living across the hall from my friends anymore, but how great is it to have girlfriends who make me go out dancing with them because they miss seeing me?
  • I’m so blessed to have parents who are able, and willing, to help me with my finances and car troubles. (Along with traveling to my apartment and letting me play mini-adult for the holidays.)
  • I barely get to see my brother once a year, but he made plans for me to visit him in New York and I am so fortunate to have that relationship. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas are gone, and the leftovers probably are too, but every day is still a new day to gobble up gratefulness.

Stop and smell the flowers (or the snow) and decide to make tomorrow and this next year the best one yet.


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