I thought said cat would be my best friend. I’ve never had a cat before. It’s been interesting. 

The adoption guy said this cat was going to be a lot of work and not good for first-time cat owners. I said no problem. 

Some problems include: Murderous scratching while I sleep or walk or breath, murder attempts directed at my hamster, and tearing sheets.

I remember when I first got Abe Lincoln (my female hamster). I was going through a bad breakup and was pretty depressed so I bought the little thing to cheer me up. The first time I interacted with her, she bit me and I just cried and cried because I thought no one could love me.

Well, I’m happy to say these circumstances are very different. I know I’m lovable and I have a lot of love and I wanted to share that love with a shelter cat. I’m just not sure if Franklin (the cat) wants to be loved, is the thing.

Anyway, this time around in the new-pet process, I have to hide Abe away in a closet to keep her safe. But, on the bright side, Franklin is house-trained and teaching me to lighten up (as I’ve weaned off my meds, my anxiety has increased). I won’t say that having this destructive cat around is soothing yet, but in a way he’s teaching me to not be so uptight and that I can’t be in control of everything.

I don’t know how to pet parent. My arms are covered in scratches and my search history is full of articles and videos to help me raise this cat. He can be aggressive and I can’t tell if he likes rough play or if it’s from a dark past. 

Tonight, I’ll be sleeping in the living room and bringing Abe out for a safe sleepover and a chance to run around in her ball. Tomorrow, who knows.

I love my little zoo family.



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