Let’s go back about two years to when I heard a song called “Satisfied”. Granted, I heard the Sia/Miguel mix-tape version first, but when I heard that song I fell in love. I loved the story it managed to tell in five minutes. I loved the lyrics and the pace.

I then found the Hamilton soundtrack and fell in love faster than a marble rolling down a slanted table. 

I had to see Hamilton

But I found out it costs five-thousand-million dollars to see on Broadway. Dreams crushed. Maybe after 20 years and a few promotions/CEO positions, I could go see it.

Then I found out a traveling group was coming to Minneapolis. And that you had to be a member of the theatre and pay a certain amount to MAYBE get a change to MAYBE get tickets. So after a roller coaster of emotions, I accepted that maybe it was never meant to be.

Then, a year later, I realized it’d been changed and that all I had to do is make an account and enter into a lottery!

Dramatic and long story short, I managed to buy tickets that did not cost five-thousand-million dollars.

I got to see Hamilton

Sometimes, people set their hopes too high when it comes to lifelong dreams. Like seeing a celebrity or going on a cruise or going to Disney World and thinking it’ll be the greatest time of their life… only to find the celebrity sucks or they get seasick or blisters cover their feet. For me, though, Hamilton was everything I dreamed and more. The music and dancing and story. It was the best night from beginning to end—from the Hamilton Edition Champagne to hearing my favorite song live.

This is what it means to live: Don’t wait until you’re richer or smarter or older or hotter, work towards something and then look forward to it. When it’s over, cherish the memory.


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