Through my time living alone and being hard on myself, I’ve tried to become a better version of myself and not just waste away alone in my apartment—although I will admit it’s tempting.

Here’s what’s been working to make me a more positive human: 

  • Going down on my meds and drinking less during the week (unless it’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S. trivia because, hello, i’m still human – also, a glass of wine is healthy, I’ve been told?): No more “reward” drinks or “it’s been a long day” drinks
  • Drinking more water 
  • Setting a rule for myself  to not jump into bed right when I get home, which has led to me at least being present in my day longer, not taking weird naps, and having solid sleep at night
  • Focusing on me, not other people: I’ve been pretty good at this over the years, but moving into a new apartment had me all out of whack and thinking everyone in my building was friends with each other and I was this weird outcast. That’s just not true at all (I hope)

I’m a very slow mover when it comes to making changes and I’m not going to say there’s a huge difference and I’m a changed woman or whatever. But with the decrease in my meds and trading (some) junk food for more vegetables and water, I do feel more energized. I mean, yesterday I had Chinese for lunch but today is a sandwich and carrots. And a month ago I would’ve just gone to Raising Cane’s or something. Anyway.

Benefits I’ve noticed:

  • More energy
  • Clearer skin
  • More positive (that could be because I moved out of my dirty, depressing college house)

Hopeful habits I’d like to start in an ideal world that would be great for people to start and I encourage you to but it’d be hypocritical of me to say you should and then not do it myself:

  • Spending less money eating out/more meal prepping
  • Hitting up the gym, like, twice a week
  • Reading more instead of getting home and turning on the TV and somehow watching it and getting nothing done and then it’s 2 AM and I’m tired and nowhere closer to where I want to be
  • Writing every day (non-work related writing, such as novels)

So there you have it: What I’m doing for myself this month. Clearly I’m not perfect but if you ever need someone to talk to about stuff, send me an email at You’re not alone out there. 

How do you stay positive?


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