The Writing Mood: an elusive, idealistic best friend that shows up only when they feel like it.  

Do you wait for “the Mood,” or do you just jump in?

Since I’ve been living alone, I realized this is the point in my life I’ve always waited for: to have the silence, focus, and inspiration to spend nights writing.

Being alone with my thoughts allows ideas to come to me and, when I’m really lucky, brings this feeling rushing to my gut that lets me know I have to create, now.

You know the feeling: The Writing Mood.

So, how to get in the mood to write? Here are some ideas:
  1. Start small. Let ideas come to you. Try writing a sentence or paragraph. Like working out, sometimes it’s just starting that’s hardest. Worst case scenario, you’re still not in the mood. But look! Now you’ve got 20 more words under your belt.
  2. Forget quality and quantity. Just write whatever comes to mind. Whether you’re using notepaper or staring at a blank WordPress page. Everything is better than nothing when it comes to putting pen to paper.
  3. Read a book you love from an author you admire. Remind yourself: even they struggled to get ideas down on paper. Something else I like to do is flip through favorite books and look at quotes I’ve highlighted.
  4. Find zen to get in the zone. Meditation, anyone? Sitting still and finding your breath can be a great way to just feel the world around you and accept your thoughts. After 5 minutes of counting breaths, many people say they feel calm, more open, and ready to create.
  5. Go out into the world… people watch, listen to conversations like your inner creep wants to. It’s not nosy if it’s for writing. 🙂
  6. Conversely, get oriented in your space. Even though coffee shops and the great outdoors can bring inspiration, there’s nothing like a “home base” that gets you in the mood. It’s a safe space with minimal distractions. Mine has three photos:
And if those fail? Try this one thing:

Make a writing habit. Goals are great, but habits get things done. 

Honestly, when I get home from my job (as a Content Creator, a job I love love love so much), I don’t always feel like writing more. And that makes me feel guilty because WHAT IF ONE DAY, SOMEONE’S DUMB ENOUGH TO MARRY ME AND THIS IS THE ONLY CHANCE I HAVE TO LIVE ALONE AND BRING ALL MY IDEAS TO LIFE? 

Here’s my secret: I just smile and start anyway.

I keep going. The “right” mood or not, writing is never wrong.

Write as much as you can. People say every day but if the best you can do is three times a week, commit to those days and show up for yourself. No one’s (most likely) going to hold you accountable.

You are your best friend in this. Don’t wait for your Mood-y friend to arrive.

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